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    Medical aid, medicines, relief supplies, placement of volunteers
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    In and around Thessaloniki, more than 10,000 refugees live in about eighteen camps or on the streets and partly also in flats provided by the state.

    We work together with the Greek NGO Naomi, which is led by Dorothee Vakalis. Together with Naomi, we also support Mauricio’s QRT (Quick Response Team). Together with friendly German NGOs, we regularly send aid supplies and finance the medical care of the refugees. We work there as doctors and send volunteers on missions lasting several weeks to several months. With Naomi`s support, Mauricio has converted an old hall right next to a large refugee camp and created an oasis for women and girls there with a few young, constantly changing volunteers. There they can relax, laugh, paint and, depending on which volunteers from Europe are there, also learn. Mauricio knows every family in the camp and their personal problems, and from his camp he also supplies other camps with aid. In the meantime, there is also a medical treatment room. Those interested can also contact Mauricio directly.

    The good cooperation with the teams in the EODY (refugee camps) and Medical Volunteers International e.V. (based in Hamburg) has made it possible that medicines and bandages are available for asylum seekers and recognised asylum seekers from NAOMI and that targeted and effective medicines could be used by all those involved. Their certified intake was monitored as much as possible. In the meantime, we were also able to arrange a dental practice from Hamburg for medical volunteers. It is our goal that the people can feed themselves sufficiently and healthily from the little financial aid that at least asylum seekers receive, and that they do not have to use funds for medication. And that the supply of certified medicines is largely secured.

    We publish the pictures with the kind permission of Kim Ehmer and Bastian Schertel.

    You can read more about our work in Greece and especially in Thessaloniki in our blog.


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