Annual overview

Review of the Year 2020

At the beginning of this year, there were about 18,000 people living in the Moria reception centre on Lesvos, of which about 4000 were children and young people. We helped set up the stand by me lesvos school and find other support. Together with other organisations, we made regular classes possible for many of them.

Medical care: At the beginning of the year, many aid workers and also doctors fled first from the radical right-wing mob, then from fear of Corona. We financed three Greek doctors who worked in Moria through „Kitrinos“ and helped to organise medical equipment and medicines.

In Thessaloniki we also worked as doctors ourselves and financed a large part of the medicines for the whole year.

Relief supplies: After the fire in Moria, Tobias Winkler from „Liebe im Karton “ organised a Germany-wide relief action and within a few weeks 4 low loaders with valuable relief goods could be collected and sent to Lesbos. In the course of the year, together with friends, we were able to organise and support numerous other transports of relief goods, both to Lesbos and for the refugees in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Due to the good connection with the organisations and people in Greece and Germany and the corona-related restrictions, the „home office“ help became more and more important.

In Izmir, we became the main supporter of Tiafi, the main drop-in centre for refugees and local people in need, especially also in Corona times. In contrast, we had to temporarily close our school in the refugee camp in western Turkey due to Corona. However, we were able to continue the food supply, which is particularly important due to Corona.

We collected two lorries of clothes and other aid and financed the transport of 6 large containers of relief goods.

In Iran, the virus hit the economic embargo and various natural disasters. We helped with food and relief supplies and are collecting for medicines.

We thank all donors and helpers for making this work possible.

by AVICENNA Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V.