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We live in a time of crises

While these usually only appear briefly in the media, and thus also in our consciousness, and often not at all, more and more people are living in need around us. That is why we are increasingly supporting long-term projects in crisis regions.

The journey of our family member Navid Kermani in April 2023 on behalf of the german magazine “Die Zeit” has made us aware of the many problems of afrikan people, like victims of the draught in Madagaslar or the  terrible civil war in northern Ethiopia and we have started some projects there.

In 2023 we were in Turkey to help in the earthquake region and to visit our biggest project, the drop-in center for Syrian refugees „Tiafi„. In Februar 2024 a helper of us worked in the refigee camps in Greece and currently in march 2024 we are sending aid to the victims of the flooding in the Iranian provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan in the south-east of the country on the border with Pakistan. And, as is often the case, the poorest are being hit again. Almost 2000 villages and several towns, around 400,000 people are affected. Large parts of the country are still cut off from the outside world a week after the floods began in early March. Our Iranian aid worker, who has also helped with previous floods on the ground, will shortly be setting off on a journey of over 1000 km. Please also help with the keyword: „Flooding Sistan“

We invite all people willing to help to participate in supporting the people in need through their personal or material contribution.


Avicenna Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V.

Since its foundation in 1989 by Dr. Djavad Kermani, Avicenna’s work has focused on supporting people and institutions in needy countries.

Since increase in the influx of refugees in 2015, Dr. Bita and Dr. Khalil Kermani have taken over the board. Together we try to help people living in inhumane conditions at the borders of Europe as well as in the Middle East or other crisis regions.

We also work together with local or German aid organizations. Since the fire in Moria and especially since the beginning of the Ukraine war, we also work as a member of the Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab. Among other things, this has recently successfully sent 18 semitrailer trucks with relief supplies from Iraq to the earth quake region in Syria.

In the summer of 2022, due to the terrible drought in Africa, we founded Miara, a network for African aid, together with members of the crisis team.


People on the way

In the fall of 2015, we wanted to go on vacation to Crete. When we learned about the conditions on the island of Lesvos, we immediately took the next plane to Lesvos.

Since then, we are aware of our preferred living situation with a new view and try to help “people on the way” as much as we can.
We meet people who have lost or left their homes and hope for a safe, dignified and just present and future. We also meet people who find joy and fulfillment in helping others. All these encounters have changed our lives and never let us go.

You can see film impressions of the first days of our work on Lesbos in the WDR film by Menschen hautnah:

TV report about our work in Lesbos

Part 2 her and Part 3 her


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Help us

Donations are used solely for the relief projects specified on this website.

Avicenna Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V.
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