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Curriculum Vitae

The Avicenna Culture- and Relief Foundation e.V. was founded in 1989 in Siegen from Dr. Djavad Kermani and his family in order to accomplish and coordinate cultural, medical and charitable projects.

From 1989 to 2015 the following projects have been implemented under the command and financed by Dr. Djavad Kermani, his wife and children.

1. A dormitory in Isfahan in cooperation with the faculty of medicine was built. It provides space for 659 students on 10.200 square meters and was nominated as one of the countries best dormitories.
2. In cooperation with the deparmtment for the new construction of schools of Isfahan a high school has been established. It was the first high school combined with a vocational school and has an extent of 3.300 square meters building area on a 5.500 square meter property for 750 students. Students have the possibility to learn various professional fields, besides the tradtional subjects that lead to the higher education entrance qualification, such as informatics, mathmatics, arts, architecture, photography, etc.
3. The construction of a primary school in Gholestan.
4. In cooperation with the Medical University of Isfahan the dialysis center and the section for the fragementation of pebbles of the Ali Asghar Hospital in Isfahan have been enlarged, the necessary equipment has been provided and the dermatology deparment was co-financed.
5. A clothing-and medication collection together with the construction of sanitary facilities on 200square meters building area in the destroyed city of Bam.
6. The co-financing of the cultural center for free writers in Bam.
7. Aquisition and transport of five ambulances with medical equipment in order to sustain the war victims of the Iran-Iraq-war.
8. In cooperation with Peter J. Bomke, leader of the Goethe Institute, construction of a vocational center for children and adolscents in Aceh (Indonesia).
9. Construction of a primary school in the flooded area of Dolatabad.
10. Organization of seminars on the field of ophthalmology by Dr. Omid Kermani in Isfahan.
11. Scientific and material support of the institute for genetic research at the medical University of Isfahan, with the success that the suffer of thalassemia, which was at the point widespread in Iran, has been mostly superseded.
12. Translation of several books, like the life of Mohamad and Nehjollballagheh

Since end of 2015 Avicenna is mainly continued by his elder son Khalil and his wife Bita, daughter of Djavads old school friend Fazlollah Mostafawy with the aim to help refugees in Asia and on their way to Europe.

by AVICENNA Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V.