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In autumn 2015 Dr.Bita and Khalil Kermani started their help in Lesbos and later as well in Chios, providing food and other supplies and medical help.

The closing of the borders in Macedonia had bereft thousands of refugees of their hope for freedom and security. At the same time, their distress was increased in inhumane ways.

During 2016  spring and summer Avicenna was present in Idomeni, helping out with their private caravan full of relief goods and from a  Medico-Mobile which we got from friends.

In autumn and winter 2016 Avicenna helped in the camps around Thessaloniki with food supply and as doctors using another doc mobile.

A german friend from Avicenna stayed since autumn 2015 until spring 2017 the most time with the refugees starting inn Lesbos, than around Idomeni, Thessaloniki and Athens, helping with the support of Avicenna.

Since 2017 we help in the squads of Athens and the camps around Thessaloniki as well with medical care as with improving the situation in the living places and helping with necessary supplies. End of 2018 we started to help in an agriculture project of mostly Syrian refugees outside of Athens. Our plans for 2019 are buying more animals and apparatus and one transporter and hire a house for people to live and work there.

by AVICENNA Kultur- und Hilfswerk e.V.