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    Relief supplies, Medical work, Teaching
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    Our work started here in autumn 2015 after a text message from my brother Navid. Every day, many hundreds of people arrived in Europe full of hope, often after years of despair, under many strains and dangers. There were still hardly any helpers and often the tired, wet and hungry men, women and children slept by the roadside and dragged themselves the 80 km to the reception camp Moria. There they had to wait again, locked up for days, almost without food, until their registration. Our help quickly increased from buttering sandwiches to distributing hot meals, clothes and blankets for thousands. As a non-bureaucratic, Farsi-speaking mini NGO, we were able not only to comfort the arrivals but also to mediate for their needs with the existing NGOs and authorities. Once the relief operations were reasonably organised, we also went to Chios and from there to Çesme in Turkey as the first European NGO.

    In the following years, we repeatedly helped as doctors and with the distribution of aid and food on Lesbos and later, when the border with Macedonia was closed, in Idomeni and when the people there were displaced in Thessaloniki. But Lesvos remained one of the main destinations for our work. When we ourselves and many others could no longer fly there because of Corona, we hired three Greek doctors for the NGO Kitrinos and helped to finance the school of Stand by me Lesvos. In the meantime, we have become part of a network and have been able to send many lorry loads and containers of clothes and other relief goods there in the last two years together with friendly NGOs. Our Greek friends and helpers on the ground inform us about the current needs and we try to help as soon as possible together with our friendly NGOs.

    You can read more about our work in Greece and especially in Lesbos in our blog.


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