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    Disaster relief, corona relief, medicines, relief items, food, school
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    The people of Iran have been suffering for years under a strict international economic embargo. In addition, there are always natural disasters and now the pandemic. As always, the poor sections of the population are particularly affected, especially the millions of refugees from Afghanistan. The planned withdrawal of the USA from Afghanistan and the flight from the Taliban will cause further refugee flows to the West.

    On our travels through this beautiful country, we asked everywhere for people in need of help. People always knew the poorest among the Iranians and the Afghans and helped us with shopping and the distribution of food and other relief goods.

    We also came into contact with a destitute school for the disabled in the desert near Isfahan. Since then, we have continuously supported this school with school supplies and financing the transport of children from the surrounding villages to the school.

    We supported the Mahak Foundation by buying medicine for children with cancer.

    In Isfahan, Avicenna built a large school years ago, which also provides vocational training at the same time as the children graduate from school. Another school was founded especially for girls and a large dormitory for students was built. Thallassaemia, which used to be widespread, could be contained through an institute founded by Avicenna, and orphans found a home through a hostel founded by family members. Funding was provided, among other things, through donation posters at funerals or other occasions instead of the usually often gigantic flower arrangements. We see the support of the Afghan refugees also in the sense of curbing the causes of flight. About one hour east of Isfahan in the desert we support a school for handycaped children and in summer 2021 we started to support a new school for afghanian children in Isfahan.

    You can read all about the beginnings of our association in Iran here.

    You can read more about our work in Iran in our blog.


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